Continuous fermentation in the era of artificial intelligence, helping smart medical industry change the status quo of the industry




    At present, the application of artificial intelligence has been embodied in all aspects of life. As a very important application scenario of artificial intelligence, the integration and innovation of medical industry and artificial intelligence has also received more and more attention.

   "AI+Medical" is based on the information technology of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., and penetrates into all links of the medical industry from research and development, diagnosis, treatment to service, and is based on data and scenes. The trend of intelligence is moving forward. In order to promote the new stage of medical informatization and promote the deep integration of big data technology and medical industry, “AI+Medical” has become the focus of social attention.

   With the level of AI+ medical penetration, it not only helps to alleviate the shortage of medical resources, but also realizes the scene of medical treatment as soon as possible. It can also rely on artificial intelligence and big data technology to realize the application of clinical scientific research platform construction and early screening of high-risk population tumors. . At present, many companies such as Han Ding Yuyou have explored the layout and development of artificial intelligence medical field.

   Han Ding Yuyou, with its well-known medical friends as a breakthrough, vigorously develops long-term consultations between China and the United States, and provides assistance to alleviate the uneven distribution of medical resources in China. At present, Handing Good Medical Friend has reached cooperation with 310 large-scale medical institutions in China, and has built a closed-loop medical system for cross-border medical care, including online and international remote consultation, offline medical treatment and insurance cooperation services.

   At the same time, Han Ding Yuyou acquired and integrated the health insurance group CCH supported by big data, and used its “AI+ medical insurance” company Care Connectors to evaluate and analyze the massive medical data to provide patients with personalized health management solutions. Its artificial intelligence system can help early detection and early intervention of people at high risk of chronic diseases. In addition, Care Connectors' AI technology can also help Han Ding's medical services and analyze medical data.

   Nowadays, China's artificial intelligence industry is entering a new stage of development. With the deep integration of medical and artificial intelligence, smart medical care will bring more and better medical services and medical treatment experience to the majority of patients.

Source of information: Economic Network