Intelligent application to help scientific research, exchange and cooperation for common development - China Polar Research Center visited the company


   On July 26th, the Second Party Branch of the China Polar Research Center visited the headquarters of Shanghai Shangshi Longchuang and carried out the “Technology, Environmental Protection and Innovation” activities of the party day “Do not forget the original heart and keep in mind the mission”. Ge Yongsheng, secretary of the party branch of the company, Xu Xiang, deputy general manager of the company, and Jiang Qiuwen, deputy general manager, accompanied the reception.

   The Polar Center team visited the Shangshi Longchuang Intelligent Innovation Experience Center, Innovation Lab, Gymnasium and other places. Vice President Jiang Qiuming and the party branch secretary Ge Yongsheng introduced the company's development history, honors, wisdom + architecture, wisdom + infrastructure, wisdom + industry and other smart service areas and management control system.

  During the meeting, Vice President Xu Xiang and other leaders welcomed the arrival of the leaders of the Polar Center and gave an overview of the company's business development in recent years, mainly expounding the following aspects:

Science and technology are primary productive forces

  Through 20 years, Shangshi Longchuang has explored the core of the industry and made major breakthroughs in edge computing, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and AI algorithms, and achieved comprehensive support for the industry's overall solutions.

  The scientific research vessels involved in the Polar Research Center, the Antarctic Great Wall Station, the Zhongshan Station, the operation of the domestic base, and the construction of the Rossi New Station all require a strong driving force for high-tech development.

Green Mountain Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan

   Our solution is to benchmark environmental standards, taking Smart Water as an example to form the “Urban Water IoT” to manage the water system. At the same time, it also embraces the green ecology with energy-saving management ideas and strengthens the leading role of environmental protection publicity and demonstration.

   This is in line with the demands of the Polar Center for scientific research and green ecology to achieve positive interaction.

Building a technology building

   Innovative research must implement long-term stable support and advanced deployment. Based on the six new software modules, SIIC has created a new generation of intelligent property management system that comprehensively improves management and control efficiency. Compared with traditional properties, innovation in information management, life cycle, value-added and business strategy is unique.

   After a thorough understanding of our artificial intelligence application technology service business and related products, the Polar Center leaders expressed their affirmation of the results of intelligent technology. In addition, the Polar Center team also said that building intelligence is directly related to the future scientific research business, and hopes to use the solid dragon to create a further support for the polar expedition. We also responded to the advanced nature of the Division's intelligence, and the two sides reached a friendly consensus to continue to explore cooperation.