Energy-saving first, intelligent drive - Shangshi Longchuang won the "Energy Conservation Propaganda Practitioner" award!


   On July 25, the Shanghai Energy Conservation Association held the 2019 Shanghai Energy Conservation Publicity Week Commendation Conference. Shanghai Shangshi Longchuang Smart Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Energy Conservation Propaganda Practitioner” in the selection activities.

   The conference commended and presented awards to 38 outstanding organizers of green knowledge contests, 10 energy-saving publicity practitioners, and one representative of the winners of the energy-saving golden ideas. Zhang Min, deputy director of the Energy Conservation Department of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, pointed out at the meeting that this year's energy-saving publicity week is closely linked to the goal of “combining urban areas, linking up and down, covering the whole city, facing the grassroots and close to the masses”, with rich activities, online and offline. Features such as combination, wide publicity and large number of people.

   As a winning member, Shangshilong has always maintained a positive, forward-looking and candid work attitude and approach. With advanced solutions and years of processing experience in energy conservation and wastewater treatment. Reduce building energy consumption, save operating costs, improve comfort, and achieve sustainable energy-saving and energy-efficient operation of buildings. At the same time, production, learning and research are parallel, and artificial intelligence application technology is continuously providing intelligent solutions for the city, making meaningful exploration in scientific and technological innovation.

   Green energy conservation is a good policy for treating both the symptoms and the root causes. Shangshi Longchuang will continue to pragmatically innovate, accelerate the pace, and prepare for a truly healthy and emboldened sustainable era!